"An Initiation is a outward celebration of an inward transformation"

Below is a brief description of  the requirements for the various degrees of Initiation.

  The traditional period of a year and a day is observed before initiation and between elevations. ( Using a lunar calendar of 13 months with 28 days in each gives a year of 364 days. But  the solar calendar has 365 days, with the addition of 1 extra day  thus a year and a day automatically include the full spectrum of solar and lunar energies) I think that structure in the degree system is very important. Regardless of what that structure is it should be followed and applied equally to all, regardless of personal connection, or perceived inherent aptitude. As with all the many phases of life there are times when more can be gained from taking  time to stop and smell the roses and not just rushing by them. The journey IS the destination.

Neophyte: This includes anyone whose application has been reviewed and accepted and has completed the initial Dedication.  In this grade basic skills are developed, Sacred Tools are consecrated and the student is taught how to tend a Altar to the Goddess and God of The Old Religion. The Elemental energies are encountered.

First Degree:   This is the Degree designated to the student who has completed the lessons of the Neophyte grade, and has successfully completed the four Elemental Encounter Rituals.  The First Degree student begins to study the planetary forces and is taught to channel energies other than their own. The Solstice and Equinox are studied . In addition to the traditional training, courses of specialized study are offered such as Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry and Numerology.

Second Degree:  After the Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies have been mastered, the tittle of Lady or Lord is bestowed Upon the student and they are permitted to host a Grand Sabbath. a course of personal study is initiated in order to achieve a greater understanding of our relationship to the Divine principals.

Third Degree:   the Third Degree should take there place as a teacher and Leader.  the Rites of Passage Ceremonies are studied, and the rite to "Hive off "and found their own House is granted.

 It is my belief that The Art of Witchcraft should be passed on from one person to another. everyone's path is subtly different and it is the responsibility of the Teacher to make sure that the Student is ready for the knowledge being given. and unless the Teacher spends time with the Student how could progress accurately be measured? anyone can memorize pages of information but not everyone will take that information and apply it to their life.

Elder : In our tradition we have a "fifth" degree, Eldership. an elder is a witch that has proven themselves as dedicated to the craft over the years and participated in the ritual called The Bridge of Light.

The 10 degrees of Qabalistic Magick

1 .Kether        The Crown                Ipsisimus
2. Chockma    Wisdom                      Magus
3. Binah          Understanding           Master of the Temple
4. Chesed        Mercy                        Exempt Adept
5. Geburah      Severity                     Greater Adept
6. Tifareth       Beauty                        Lesser Adept
7. Netzach       Victory                        Philosophus
8. Hod              Splendor                     Practicus
9. Yesod           Foundation                 Theoricus
10. Malkuth     Kingdom                    Zelator